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Business Management Program

By TekSquared

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Core Features Core features included in all plans.

Feature 1

Mobile Friendly

A new way to monitor and manage invoices from anywhere. Users can access the program through the browser on an iOS or Android phone. A great feature for owners and principle managers in the field. Review on your mobile device. Paperless invoice storage is secure, private and immediately accessible. TekSquared System offers easy process via online review.

Feature 2

Save Time

No need to locate archived paper invoices. Organize your work and declutter your life. You don't have to wait for your management team to send the statement of accounts any longer. Now, you can simply see the uploaded PDF copy, access payment history, and view the updated expense information.

Feature 3

Fully Optimized

Rapid deploy and manage robust real-time solutions. Reconcile systems of record and systems of engagement. Capture invoices quickly and accurately. Replace paper, spreadsheets, and scattered data with a searchable, reportable, and up-to-date repository. Easily track invoices, manage exceptions and speed up vendor payments. Stay on top of spending.

Feature 4

Multi Users

Supports single or multiple authorized users. Convenient Owner Portal offers the owner a convenience of accessing the business management information, gain complete visibility into all invoices, eliminate late payments and track data and reports. Vendors can use the online portal to see the status of an invoice instead of calling you to trigger an invoice hunt. Vendors can deliver invoice images and data directly to content management systems. Enhance security with segregation of duties.

Awesome Features

99.9% Uptime / Version Updates / Fully Responsive / Bug Free